Monday, September 29, 2014

 This photo looks like it should be on a badge or in a SWAT team member of the month frame.
 Cox Farm rope swing.
 Funny mirrors.
 Ahhhhh. Vampire behind the door.
 Barn slide.
 Love bug

 Keeping the corn mill going

 These two love their hugs.
 Volcano slide...hands in the air.
 These two crack me up.
 Best buddies love.
 Oops a little too strong of hugs.
 Terrible saying on the sign but hilarious face
 Lifting the hay bale. Using unique technique

 Sweet as...
 Pumpkin pie

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Out of the mouth of Boyd

I have to document several things Boyd has said or asked that have lead to internal giggles over the past two weeks.

Last Sunday Boyd told Adam, "This is my last day of Freedom." (In reference to wanting to play since going back to school on Mondays must mean lack of freedom)

Also that week he asked, "Do you think God is ever in a bad mood"

Yesterday he got off the bus and said, "I had to get off with the big kids because I was chatting." Usually the kindergarteners are the first ones off but apparently Boyd was too busy.

Also yesterday, after I asked him to do something, he retorted" Just because I have ride a two wheel bike doesn't mean I'm a big kid." Then I asked, so how will I know that you've become a big kid? Surprisingly, he didn't have an answer.

Last Friday he ran ahead of me from the bus and by the time I got inside he had all his kinetic sand toys out on the table.  When I walked into the kitchen he constructed a whole story and would not back down. "Mom look, the Elves set this up for me and they wrote a note saying to have fun and play with this to keep busy until Christmas." I questioned, "Where is the note?" Boyd: I thew it away but you can't get it out of the trash because there was yucky onion stuff in there.  

 Best way to get a kid to do homework...Assign it to the neighbor down the street. Boyd's dear friend is in another kindergarten class and she has handwriting homework nightly. On write number 3 day she was not happy about having to do her homework. Found found this out and came home to write 3's so he could show her how to do it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quote of the day:
Boyd: I was just heartburning to go to school this morning.
Me: What does that mean?
Boyd: It means I couldn't wait to go to school because I love it so much.

Progress from yesterday when he was tearfully begging to go run with me and to not go to school.  Told his nanny he did not want to go either.  I sent an e-mail to his teacher to check and see how his day was going/went and she replied that he was having a great day- go figure.  She said she had a talk with the class about giving their parents a hard time about going to school and that she specifically made eye contact with Boyd during the talk.  Mission accomplished.

He does love school and always comes home happy; sharing information little by little.  Even homework is fun for him. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in his classroom. His class is predominantly girls but he is always happy to see them and greet them at after school PTO functions. The big news this week was that he gets to play instruments in music class next week and that his PE teacher tells him to always wear bright colorful clothing. He was also the first to share his "Me" bag.  He was allowed to bring several objects to help others get to know him.  He brought his swim goggles-because I like to swim, the book The One and Only Ivan- It is such a funny book I want to share, a Police lego figure riding a bike- because I love Lego's and want to be a police and because I like to ride my bike, and a brochure for one of our favorite parks that also has mini golf and a driving range because he likes to golf.  Pretty accurate overview of Boyd's interests.

After school we usually have some down time reading, snacking, chatting, and playing. Then...

Then this happens.  He rides... and for the past few days he rides a two wheeler.  He can really go now and made it on a neighborhood bike ride tonight. So proud of my biker Boyd

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Boyd: Mom, when it's raining I think that someone in heaven is taking a bath and then draining the tub.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lies and Manipulation

Oh Boyd, you are always providing us with good laughs and stories.  Two days ago you came home and told me you had lied at school.  We talked about the importance of honesty and telling the truth, how it was good that you told me, etc.  We wrote a note to your teacher and cleared your conscience.  The lie...At morning meeting I said I had a dog *brief pause* at least I didn't say I had a brother.  Adam figures they had been taking a poll on who had brothers, sisters, cats, and probably towards the end, dogs and that Boyd most likely just wanted to raise his hand for something.  Poor only child we have here with no pets either.

Then last night Boyd played me good.  After putting him to bed and going to get my things ready for the following day I returned to find Boyd reading with his lights on.  I told him he needed to get some sleep and he asks, "Will you sleep with me?" Me: You are a big boy and can sleep by yourself.  I love you. Now get some rest.  Then Boyd gets out of bed, throws his arms around me and sadly says with puppy dog eyes, "But I don't get to spend as much time with you now." Well played Boyd, well played.  This morning he told Adam he didn't want to go to school because he just needed more time to play at home. You'll have to work on that one Boyd.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Boyd, This morning you had a case of the Monday's. I know you weren't scared because this weekend you did a funny photo shoot session with me and this is what you said you looked like when you are scared.  I didn't see that face this morning. Instead I saw the same face I saw when I looked in the mirror- the weekend went to fast and I miss my Boyd when he is at school look.  The can't we just slow down time and play and explore some more together look.  I get it Boyd so don't you worry. I am praying for both of us today and I hope that once you got on that bus you put on your smile and enjoyed being with your friends and teachers.  Love you little B and it was a fun weekend.
 He loves corn on the cob.
This was the first time Boyd has asked for paper and retrieved his art supplies to work independently.
Lego head stilts.
Sometimes things happen while Mom's in the ice bath like this...Boyd turns into Perry the Platypus.
Sometimes you just have to hop the fence and let your kid play ball.
Running the docks at Locust Shade Park
Boyd won with a hole in one on the last hole
Then it was on to the driving range. He sure entertained all the guys hitting last night.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day of Kindergarten

Last night before bed we read The Night Before Kindergarten and Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, chatted and practiced the big hug I would receive when he got off the bus in the afternoon.  Adam noted how it was like the night before Christmas with the excitement in the air and Boyd getting out of bed several times.  I'd written my notes for in his lunch, his snack and in the morning even though Adam teased me. Then I made Boyd's lunch and wrote out a note for Adam. Adam was in charge of the first day duty of getting him ready and on the bus; even though tomorrow is the second day I am sure I will get the emotional rush when I put him on the bus for school the first time.  I cannot wait until he gets home today and I hope that he tells us at least a few things about his new school.

When I got back to my phone after my workout I saw a missed image text from Adam and figured it would be the infamous bus picture; much to my surprise, it was a huge praying mantis Boyd had spotted on our window.  Boyd'd been talking about how he had never seen one so today marks the first day of school and his first praying mantis sighting.
I called Adam right away to see how the morning had gone and the bus had just picked the kids up (running fashionably 20 minutes late- I thought this might be the case for at least the first week).  He did a great job with photo duty and getting Boyd prepared for a great day this morning.The house is far to quiet this morning.
Boyd in his camo (backpack lunch box and all). Adam said he insisted on carrying his lunchbox rather than putting it inside his backpack.
Waiting with friends.
One final look back. Have a wonderful first day of school B! 
*Adam also reported there was only one crier......
A sibling that didn't get to ride the bus and go to school.