Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I love Summer

4th of July. Boyd put on a pretty good light show after getting over the trauma of stepping in dog poop.
This summer is going by to quickly. My house is a mess and dirty but extra time with Boyd and knowing what he is up to all day is something I missed when he was in kindergarten and will miss again when he starts first grade.  Friends are at the utmost importance to him and I am so grateful for our neighborhood and the families of all ages who play together almost daily.  Boyd's summer has been full of events and activities and even more free play time. Four days of Baseball and wrestling camp, a trip with Adam, lots of swimming (oh yes the lifeguards know him by name), toad catching, library trips full of non fiction and so much more.  I admit I've been bad at taking photos because I am soaking in the moments. Enjoy a few snapshots of our summer. 

Growing and going this cutie pie

A quiet time each day allows an opportunity to regroup and realize you can do things solo that you couldn't before like these Lincoln Log structures.

All toads must be named.

Helping me grocery shop and finding joy everywhere he goes.

Jammies and toads

On your mark...set....

Summer sleep

Paddle boating to explore the lake/pond. We went a little too far with the exploring and got stuck. I had to get out and push.

SO proud of decorating daddy's wheels

Another creation

On our summer to do list was window markers. We started by taking turns drawing a picture to tell a story and it turned into drawing the 50 states 

If you look closely you can see a few states


More toads.

A movie date

We were fortunate to follow Boyd's love of animals and information with both a reptiles alive show and a birds of prey show. I learned a lot and Boyd did too. It was also fun to hear him answer and ask such well thought out questions.

Never a dull moment. After a hike we went to the sporting goods store to play or take a rest.

Did I mention Toads. I think this night the total was 8 with the 9th escaping because it peed on someones hand.

Driving his RC car

This outfit. I couldn't resist. He was a detective I believe.

Perks of going to appointments with mommy- fun afterwards in the Georgetown fountains.

Firefly frolic one mile run. Boyd waits for it to get dark. The race was through trails and oh boy was it dark. I was nervous that he would have wiped out a zillion times since I had walked the course (he also ditched the headlamp) but out he popped to the finish stretch in second place overall behind a 12 year old. 7:52 in the dark on treacherous trails -not to shabby.

Hanging out at an old favorite park in Falls Church in his fedora.

We played with this so long at the store I couldn't not buy it.

National Night Out. This year we got there in time for the helicopter tour.

Balance and focus.

Running the high schools beautifully groomed grass fields. I have to really try when I run with him now. The other day he joined me on my run and ran every other loop with me. The next day he biked with me and said, "When I get older I am going to let my kids run and bike with me too." I almost cried the happiest tears, biking and running with my dad as a child were some really joyous times and I hold them near and dear to my heart.

Boyd, why won't you cut your hair?

After some drama with a broken loom band that his cousin had make and Boyd cherished, a new package arrived which also encouraged him to try and make them himself. Success. 

Boyd quote, "I look good. I think the girls are going to like me."

Did I mention there is never a dull moment around here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stowe, Vermont

I like it in Stowe, Vermont because a lot of people I like are there. I might even go on the boarder of New Hampshire. Maybe even go to see the people I want to see, Martin and Chris Kratt. Even go to the mountain forrest in New Hampshire too.

Boyd, Age 6 Virginia


I like Colorado. They have a lot of mountains I like to climb, might even stand on the four corners, go to the Dairy Bar and have a lot of other fun there. I would visit my cousins. 

Boyd Age 6 Virginia