Monday, April 27, 2015


Many of you know or have read about Boyd's affection for Lobsters. Since he was two he has talked about working with them or having them as a pet.  Well, the love runs deep. Saturday night we went out to a nicer Italian restaurant and the waitress made the mistake of telling us the special of the day was lobster risotto with blah blah blah. I then asked Adam, what was with the risotto? Ok so maybe this is all my fault, and Adam replied well it's a lobster risotto with xy and z. Suddenly Boyd's face dropped and he started bawling over the lobster risotto on the menu because they must have killed the lobsters. It took a while for him to calm down and he told the waitress not to sell anyone the lobster risotto special that night.  Family and friends you have been warned. Please do not order lobster anything in from of our son.  He'll probably be a vegetarian for life.

On a totally different note Boyd had his first hit off the pitching machine during a game Saturday on a cold and damp day. He also survived his first go around as catcher although he didn't really move.

Lastly, Boyd pulled a fast one on his teachers last week telling them he wasn't supposed to open his surgery eye because they put glue like drops in it to keep it shut.  He said he told them that I had said not to open it. I was appalled when I picked him up from school and it was closed but today his teachers and I had a good laugh over it.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our week in review

Just climbing a tree in the grocery store parking lot

Chris from the PBS show Wild Kratts joined me today at Locust Shade Park for our creature power adventure. "Chris" spent a lot of time packing for the trip and made sure to bring along his journal and colored pencils, not to mention our picnic blanket that I am pretty sure was named something else.  Down by the pond seemed like a pretty good place to write and draw. 

No fishing from this dock so we enjoyed feeding the fish leftover lunch.

Driving range action

Friday was Boyd's school dance.  He was the perfect date.  He picked out his vest from Ethiopia to look fancy, gelled his hair, and sang and danced the night away. Of course we hit up our new neighborhood fro yo place on the way home too.

Prior to getting dressed up he had to get filthy while adventuring in the new part of the neighborhood.

Boyd had eye surgery Wednesday and lived up being the "patient". Everyone spoiled him and we finished the night with some tasty fro yo.  Since he had done great and was doing great Wednesday afternoon and night I sent him to school on Thursday. When I picked him up for his post operative appointment I almost freaked out because his eye was closed. He and his teacher told me he hadn't opened it the whole day. Apparently some eye boogers made it stick and instead of having his teacher call me to come wipe it with a wet cloth he told her he was supposed to keep it closed.  Oh Boyd. Once it was wiped out he said, "Oh yeah, my eye is fine." "Everyone kept asking me about my eye today." I can't believe he didn't have a terrible headache. Oh Boyd, you keep me on my toes. 

Pre surgery. He kept the checkmark on for two days.

Our dear friend Yihunlish brought us back some traditional Ethiopian dress clothes so we had to model them for the camera.  They are handmade and just beautiful.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our seed starter set. Carrots, beans, watermelon, cucumber, basil, tomatoes, cilantro, and lettuce.

It is all growing quickly.

School project. Construct an animal out of items laying around your home for earth day. Boyd's choice...a proboscis monkey. He knows so much about animals and their habitats now and shares this information daily. He is very concerned with the Rainforest situation and wants to take the first week of his summer vacation to go with all his classmates to the Indonesian rainforest to plant seeds.  

He drew the earth and was pointing out where Indonesia is located. We need to find a globe soon. He is very into learning his states right now too and is really enjoying the game Scrambled States of America.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

 .                                                  We have ourselves a Nationals Fan

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Boyd is so excited for his baseball season and practices.  Ready to go! 

Boyd and I 
were reading a book when we both paused and said this character looks like his eye doctor.

Easter eggs on Easter. 

He found 63 eggs. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Well, we had a few days of Spring weather for Spring Break followed by some chilly and rainy days. We made the most of the nice weather by showing our dear friend Amanda some of the local beauty. She hadn't seen us in two years.  Then came the doctors appointment and library days and a trip to the bounce house. Making the most of our days off.
First pick was Locust Shade Park. Boyd wanted to mini golf and do the fitness trail. Here he is in common form running down the trail.

New tree down across the trail. Of course we should climb it.

He still loves himself some sticks.


Rope swing or climb

Pull up station

Another stretching station

Giving us the look. It was like he should have been doing an advertisement for this one.


Parallel bars

Sneaking in some bike riding upon returning home.

Day two was Government island. Glad we remembered the boots.

One of the higher points.

This area is part of the quarry where they retrieved the stone for the White House and Capitol

Any excuse to climb

Day 3 Stafford Civil War Park for a picnic and exploration. Can you see a new friend?