Friday, December 26, 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas Prep2014

One of our Christmas crafts. They turned out to be the size of a small dinner plate.
Please excuse the fact that these pictures are all over the place in terms of dates. It's a collection of camera and phone pictures of Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle ornaments. I love the facial expressions.
Home wrestling ring.
Boyd helped make our pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and was asking to eat it every hour for 24 hours. He loved the whipped cream but upon his first bite of pie...he spit it out and declared that he didn't like pumpkin pie.

Putting up the tree. Boyd loves the tree.
Old favorite ornaments.
My favorite Christmas present.
Not Halloween, just playtime with Boyd. We spent an evening doing all sorts of silly things with toilet paper.
Boyd played UPS man many times this season. Delivering treats and packages to many of our friends in the neighborhood.
Cookie helper. I love his apron.
2014 Christmas list
First round of firetrucks and Santa. This was amazing. Eight emergency vehicles with sirens and lights.

What Boyd planned to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Honey banana bread and butter bread. This brought up quite the discussion at school.
What our family was Thankful for this year.
Trip up 95 a few miles to Locus Shade Park and some awesome fitness trail features.

Following in the footsteps of Great Grandpa Udovich 
Wrestling practice
Marine in training 
The aftermath of 3 kids making form cookies.
Veggie Tales
Boyd said this was cookoo box creations with tape of course
Tape roads
Rockin Police officer

If I started on how sentimental I am about Boyd turning 6 we would be here for days.  Boyd you are certainly my little bundle of joy.  
I just never know what you will come up with. Like this contraption- bandaids how smart.
You are obsessed with using tape- painters & scotch. Always up to something. 
Birthday celebration at school just so happened to be the last day before break and pajama day (how fitting).  He also created and was able to watch the Polar Express after his class got pizza for running the most laps of the kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.
Tape and building new and amazing things each day. 
Thanks Uncle Matt. Police officer Boyd playing police and firefighters. Always ready and in costume.
Circuit maker. This kept you busy for hours. 
Circuits...did this one make the silly recordings?
Birthday morning.
Bristle blocks just like at school.
Thanks Chocolate Grandma and Papa for the letterman jacket, So cute.
Two peas in a pod.
Bug dig.

The cake of choice.
Celebrating with our neighborhood best friends.
Uncle Matt, Aunt Jessica, Leah, Eva, and Brendan...he still hasn't put it down.
Chocolate Grandma and Papa here to celebrate!

I have tons of catch up to do on the blog but I have to start with Christmas this year.  Each year we add new memories and this year was no exception.  Some of my favorite memories include going to the Christmas Eve Children's Service at church and having Boyd sing along to the carols- reading the verses he didn't know from the screen, and helping to tell of the birth of Jesus by serving as one of the donkey's. He was the loudest "he-haw"er in the place. That night the fire department made their second trip with Santa around our neighborhood and Boyd said, "I need to ask if I am on the naughty or nice list." The answer was the nice list but he must have had a little doubt in his heart because he seemed really relieved to read the note in his room Christmas morning declaring that he made the nice list.  Perhaps Boyd should have played one of the Shepards in the church service because he was up at around 2:45am Christmas morning and would not go back to sleep.  At 4:15 I finally said ok- Merry Christmas.  Santa knew just what Boyd was into these days, Marine's, games and building.  It was a great Christmas despite the sleep deprivation even after 2 naps that day.

I made the Gruffalo
Fire Truck with Santa

I need to check the list and mark who was naughty and nice
Cookie plate for Santa. Santa I have been good. Love Boyd 
Reindeer Food
Heading in. Grandma's shoes were prefect with this ensemble.
Just a little excited Christmas morning. 
Marine backpack. 
Marine Vest.
Eyes are starting to look tired.
Ready for action. Thank you to all our troops that serve as heroes for this special guy and all of us.
Games before bed. Headbanz with Papa and Chocolate Grandma