Sunday, July 28, 2013

"I love this place."-Boyd at the St. Vrain river. Yup, we are back in colorful Colorado for the Summer.  Although my pictures are stuck on my memory card for another few weeks I thought I would blog about our summer thus far.  To say we are loving the weather and views is a gross understatement.  It is so nice to be able to play outside in summer contrary to the heat and humidity in D.C. right now.  Boyd has loved jumping on the trampoline, playing in the swimming pool where he finally realized he could touch the bottom, throwing rocks to Macie (Kirk and Chris's dog) at the river, hiking, playing all kinds of games, playing at the track during CeAnn and Kylee's cross country practice, painting rocks, and recently rock climbing (29 and a half feet in the air with ropes at the Rec center). 

Yesterday we went to Button Rock to do a little hike and I couldn't believe Boyd the mountain man.  As we descended and were almost to the car he kept hugging me and telling me, "Mommy, thank you so much for taking me on that beautiful hike." I was thinking the same thing.  He tells people we pass stories- still the social butterfly, stops to take in the views and is aware of his surroundings picking out a bear shaped cactus.  His endurance is getting better and better too.

On Friday we went to the Longmont Rec center.  I had to aqua jog in the pool so Boyd played in their kids club. When I picked him up he grabbed my hand and said, I've been watching the people on the rock wall, let's go. (There was a window from the kids club room to the wall) I wasn't sure he would be allowed to but naturally it's Colorado and they encouraged my four year old to keep climbing higher and higher.  He must have climber for 40 minutes, up and down, up and down.  Needed chalk for his sweaty hands towards the end.  He was so proud of himself and I was too. His last climb he went 29 and 1/2 feet in the air (half a foot shy of the bell- next time). 

Many more adventures to come...