Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking cute. Adam bribed Boyd to wear something other than sweatpants.
Cheese head! Thanks Messerschmidts.
                                                       "Cheese two foot!"

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We had a really wonderful Christmas this year.  Guess someone made Santa's nice list. Must be because Boyd's been into asking for forgiveness.
Santa came!!!!
Digging in his boot for some loot.
Chocolate money coins.
Boyd picked these out for Daddy.
Boyd loved opening the packages.
Oh yeah!
Harmonica man. One of Boyd's top three presents.
Happy with his new socks.
Partying all morning.
Santa even found Boyd's little tree in his room and left two lego surprises.
Playing with his gifts.
Santa delivered the Batgirl costume which was on Boyd's list.
Emergency Lego vehicles are Boyd's current favorite.
The day after Christmas. WHAT??? Snow? But it's not Christmas.
Making his prints, and drawings.
Santa brought Boyd a huge science experiment kit. We made instant snow and learned about osmosis and the insides of diapers.
We also did some color experiments in the instant snow.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Amazing insight tonight on the way home from Church. Boyd: Mom what's Emmanuel? Me: It means God with us. It's another name for Jesus. Boyd: It also means directions. (Thinking a manual ). I paused and realized he was right. May we all seek and follow God's directions this season. Merry Christmas!

Boyd and Daddy with the Reindeer food.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Boyd, Although you are in denial and refuse to admit that you are 4. Happy 4th Birthday!  It is hard to believe you are growing so fast. Each new year brings more fun and new memories. We love you more than you can even imagine.
Ready to open some presents!
Cheetah hat.
Astronaut costume.
Mom, I am too busy to take a break for photos. The chutes and ladder characters are now wonderful playmates to the lego guys.
Willing to put 4 candles on.
Boyd picked out this cake from his favorite baker.
Being silly with Dad.
Love you forever

Friday, December 21, 2012

December happenings...

Crushing candy canes for Grandma Udovich's famous cookies. Always makes me think of her smiling down on us from heaven.
While working with the mixer and moving the main piece up and down to scrap the bowl. -"Geez, I have to do the muscle work."  While sampling- "I'm good at licking the spoon."
Boyd and Baelyn. Halloween in December- sure!
Dear Santa, you may want to rethink drinking the milk at our house.
The Sleepy Hollow Version of the Polar Express.
Opening a present 2 days early. Excited.
"Thank you Uncle Matt, Aunt Jessica, Leah, Eva, and Brendan. I love my Cars 2 Oil Rig. It has so many playabilities."
Fun after school.
Our sweet Nanny Priyanthi spoiled Boyd with a new remote control vehicle. He was pumped.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Boyd's latest quotes, "Hey, I have two mom's. Daddy is just wearing a costume."

"Mom, did you know this song is about God and Christmas?"- I guess we need to continue to work on the true meaning of Christmas.

As I described St. Nick's day to Boyd and embellished by telling him that it was Santa's way of letting him know his progress of being naughty or nice on the master list, Boyd made his way to his stocking (Boyd actually calls it his boot).  When he found that there was a small toy inside with a letter he breathed a sigh of relief and exclaimed, "I got lucky!"

This past Sunday we went to the piano recital of our nanny Priyanthi's students.  She teaches piano in the afternoon to all levels of children.  Upon seeing the room of people and Priyanthi in front all dressed up, Boyd whispered, "She must be famous."  She is pretty famous in our book.  Boyd really enjoyed listening and on occasion providing the vocals from the back of the room. 
 Boyd loves this comfy cozy sweatshirt of mine.  If the hood looks stretched out, it's because Boyd cuddled up and slept in the hood part during nap. Love this big guy!
I know I am missing a few notable quotables because he sure has been providing the one liners lately. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meet me in St. Louis and Getting ready for the Holidays

Our next stop over Thanksgiving was to St. Louis.  He saw his Chocolate Grandma and Papa Burla, and Great Grandma Ramsey, along with extended family and old St. Louis neighbors and friends.
 Super Boyd.
 Boyd had been talking to Chocolate Grandma about this catalog. She had received the same one and saved it to peruse.
 Celebrating Adam and Boyd's birthday early. Four candles for Boyd and one for Adam.
 Once home a special operation for this army man. Putting up the tree...
 and putting up the nativity scene.
 Love that he put this sheep or goat so that it could watch Baby Jesus.
 Next day, ornaments.
 Santa and a basketball? What?
 Like a seaport crane (according to Boyd or a ninja according to others)
 Fun jumping off the couch.
 Window decorations.
 Merry and Bright!