Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

And just like that, Christmas 2016 is in the books. Christmas Eve day Boyd was invited to the trampoline park with a neighbor . They had a blast and almost the whole place to themselves. In the evening Boyd and I went to Church. On our way home we saw Santa on the Firetruck. Boyd came home and quickly sprinkled the reindeer food and got ready for bed. Santa ended up passing through our neighborhood and as soon as he passed. Boyd got in to bed and said goodnight. Adam and I were quite surprised. Boyd wanted to give Santa ample time to come deliver presents. Early to bed meant early to rise so just around 5:30 Boyd was up. At 6 I told him I would take him downstairs to eat breakfast until daddy work up. On his way down he saw his stocking. As I gave him a big Merry Christmas hug something not wrapped caught his attention and he couldn't help but share what he had seen, all while playing it cool. Daddy came down stairs and then we were off to the tree. We had the presents open before sunrise. It was a wonderful Christmas. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

First birthday party not as an infant and a few other things.

We haven't had a birthday party for Boyd since he turned one. When he was two a few family members came over to celebrate, but this was his first big kid party! We decided to have his party from 11-1 on his actual birthday and the first day of Christmas break. The place, our lovely Rec Center Gym and then food at our house. We had a blast playing dodgeball, basketball and obstacle course. It was perfect. I must admit that I woke up sore from throwing so many dodge ball balls. Boyd had a wonderful day.

Another birthday wish fulfilled. Poncho Villa and them singing Happy Birthday to him. He said, "I just wanted them to sing to me, I didn't want the dessert."

Favorite present. Minecraft Lego from his nanny Chelsea. We started it in the morning and closed out his birthday by finishing and playing with it. Oh and reading a new classic picture book for his collection-The Giving Tree (even though Shel Silverstein's picture on the back freaks him out, used to do the same to me as a kid).

The Dinosaur cake

Gift opening earlier in the day.

Monkeying around after cake

The Dab Everybody


The Party Crew

His second favorite gift this year. His personalized CD's and CD player. Yes, I got him a CD player. The people at Target may have looked at me like I was a dinosaur but it was well worth it. I had my Colorado cousins make two CD's with all Boyd's favorite songs through the years. He loved it.

Boyd came home from school very excited on Tuesday. He had made his very own Christmas card for us. I absolutely love it. This is the front with Jesus in the manger, the star that lead, and a wise man who traveled afar. 

Back of card. What a beautiful tree with the moon shining on it's branches.

What a wonderful message, I wish I would have copied and sent this card out as our Christmas card for 2016.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Night out in the name of Christmas Spirit

The last big outing before birthday week begins! We were really looking forward to this one. An evening out in DC. As soon as Boyd was done with wrestling he jumped in the shower and got dressed up. He chose his own fancy outfit of course. Then we had to wait a few hours but eventually the time came to head up and a short nap helped pass the time. Our plan was to stop at the US Botanical Gardens for their Christmas display. Every year is slightly different and it's been since we lived in Falls Church that we've gone. Boyd enjoyed traveling all over the gardens and remembering favorites from before. It was nice that he was able to share in the joy with Peighton. The two were equally enthusiastic with all the plants, reading the signs, finding fallen leaves, wishing wells. and so forth. The display was celebrating our National parks and was good but not as good as the fairy home year in my opinion.  Oh, of course a trip to the gardens isn't complete without playing by the reflecting pool near the Capitol and viewing the National Christmas tree. Our next stop was dinner at Ted's Bulletin (an old favorite breakfast spot serving food and breakfast all day- yummy. Really miss this place and Boyd asked again this morning to go there. Next we drove to find the National Theater. Once parked we headed to the wrong theater but luckily the National Theater was just around the corner. The building they were tearing down was just covering it up. At the theater we viewed The Grinch Musical. It was a fun night for all.
Who likes Christmas? Who's like Christmas!

Such big kids, except when it came to sitting still in the theater seats (at least for Boyd aka Wiggle Worm)

Photo op for mom and Boyd

Our leaves got confiscated by the Botanical Garden staff lady. She saw Peighton's and we thought it was only fair if we coughed ours up too. Not sure what the harm was in taking dead leaves that had fallen on the ground but she said she didn't want that to encourage others to pick ones off the tree. The kids tried to negotiate but no go. So a final picture with the leaves before we handed them over. 

In front of the Statue of Liberty made all out of plant products.

Little cove with Paul Bunyan and Babe and a few others.

Capitol and tree at night.

We all liked these fragrant flowers at the gardens.

Handsome date by the bear.

Post Grinch Selfie. Holiday spirit was alive and well with this group.

Capitol Hill kid models.

Christmas spirit crew.