Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring break and a week beyond

With mom in Boston Marathon prep and our extended Winter weather, Spring break wasn't exactly a barrel of fun and excitement but we took time to smile and enjoy, even if that meant going to the high school parking lot and letting Boyd "drive". 

The Easter bunny left over 100 eggs for Boyd to find. This one was in a STEM project from school. it held 300 pieces of popcorn perfectly.

The loot!

A special hat in his Easter basket.

The 3rd grade received cabbage plants two days before break. I planted Boyd's outside in the garden but we babysat two others and then ended up bringing Boyd's back inside due to the below freezing temps.

Spring school picture.


Day outing to Fairfax. We stopped to play mini golf on the way up. Let me also note that several days before we played mini golf as a family and I actually won.

Not the ocean or water park but a Rec center with a slide was a good consolation prize. 

I cleaned the storage room and was going to throw these curtains away but held onto them only to have Boyd come barreling up the steps the next day carrying them and pronouncing them a great tool to create a fort. 

A boy and his Turtley.

Breakfast when mom was away helping at a race.

My shoe shipment arrived and Boyd took a pair, put it on, declared them his and ran down the street. We can now share shoes.

Boyd has been asking for months maybe years to add color to his hair. After a haircut I folded. This is the before.

During. Love our neighbor who does hair. 

After. He was so proud and excited. I don't get it but I figured, maybe he will get it out of his system while I still have some control over how much color, etc. 

Such a busy kid these days with both basketball and baseball. Boyd tried out to play on a 3rd grade team with his amazing coach from Winter. We couldn't pass on the opportunity as the coach is every parents dream and will develop the athlete. 

First day of kids pitch baseball. Lots of walks according to Adam.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring 2018?

Still fun to build in the sand with friends. I liked that I could be warm in the house and watch.
My apologies that these pictures will be in a random order. Things here have been exciting. So much going on and each week seems to bring more adventure. Our seasons switched to Spring on the calendar but it brought the first snowstorm that you could really play in with it. Two days off of school led to all kinds of fun. Then it melted away to bring slightly warmer spring activities. 

New badminton net.

Saturday morning activity of dying Easter eggs. We tried some new techniques this year including food coloring in a bag of rice, drop the egg in and shake. Boyd takes this very seriously. 

The outcome. This was his favorite egg and shall be the last one eaten.

"Mom, we get more and more creative every year." Boyd's lot. The one on the left is an example of his earlier years of egg dying...craaaccccckkkk

The whole carton minus the one the cracked and smushed prior to coloring.

So grown up.

Going halves.

Another technique. Food coloring on finger and finger painting the egg. ..

or fingers

Mom, I had to draw a picture of my dream house. It is inspired by the house in Ferdinand. It is obviously on a mountain. Looks like room for me!

Trying on his Dr. Seuss day costume. Wish I had a picture from that day. Cute whiskers, and a tail too.

They called school off before the snow even started so I took these two swimming. Then we embarked on our first sleepover. Basically to Boyd that means getting to stay up and hour late and play video games with a friend in the night. They were exhausted from swimming so they both were zonked out by 11. They are being silly after a pancake breakfast the next morning. 

This photo is older but Team Thunder celebrating their undefeated season after a windstorm that knocked power out and wrecked havoc to signs and roofs all around us. 

The long overdue snow they could sled in!

The new sledding hill since they built houses on the old hill.

My heart was so full as I watched Boyd work so hard to build this snowman. He did all the rolling and had some help with finishing touches from a friend.

Coming inside from playing in the field. Love his style.

Fine Arts Festival for the schools. I should have taken a picture of how big this exhibit was but he found his feather right away. His is actually the brightly colored one to the right of the one he was pointing too. It's hard to pose and get everything right.

His Art teacher was so happy to see Boyd and came over right away to share how much she loved watching  him work and how he always too the projects in his own creative direction. Another owl on display! We are so proud of you Boyd!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

When there is a will there's a way

Sure enough he tried jumping rope while pogoing. He will try again and get it I'm sure. I had him stop because he had some basketball tournament games to play.


This team and coach were incredible. Each one of them loved the game, contributed, and did their best. They were truly a special team. Boyd's first year of basketball is one to remember. Undefeated and won the tournament. It took all 8 of them! 

Cheering after the win!

Boyd always makes his teacher smile. This is one example.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Happenings

February brought lots of school cancellation weather and then some beautiful weather. Therefore, we got creative and also played hard. February has also been a big basketball month with the championship tournament beginning tonight.
Extra practice at our gym!

Awards at school for working hard at everything he does and always inserting humor.

These kids love to play. His team took advantage of the gym and played for 2 hours. 

Candy bar Bingo. Boyd and I struck out but our kind friends shared their winnings.

Boyd learned to pogo. His record is 840 something. His friend across the street and him will bounce and practice for hours all while chatting away. He can pogo no hands and with one foot. He asked to try pogoing while jumping rope but decided to try jumping curbs instead (insert mom cringes)

A little Harry Potter magic. We just finished book 5.

No school = pi's and playing around with some Bucks clappers for baseball and sword fighting.

Play hard, sleep hard, all while a stuffed animal (Snowy) tickles your face with his whiskers. 

Using a dinosaur to clean up your laundry.

Treasure chest from GiGi's mystery series. 

This years Valentine's. Love the little faces and details like pirate eye patches and mustaches some included.  

Playing battle bots! Boyd is a much better driver than me.