Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween 2017

The pictures are all over the place chronologically but we enjoyed our Halloween season immensely. 
The haul, over 200 pieces and 10 pounds.

We love how the neighborhood comes alive!

So Boyd chose a Nordic warrior costume but Adam and I kept referring to him as John Snow from Games of Thrones so  since we had guests we because the Lady of Light, White walker, John Snow and the Mother of Dragons.

Pals that hit up one last street. 

Bob the pumpkin

 This shirt is like what dad wears when it is chilly. So here we have mini Adam

Snuggle Boyd

Harry Potter (We are on book 4)

My sunflower and I soaking up one last day at the farm.

He has been practicing and making a lot of progress. He told me last night, parents really shouldn't say practice makes perfect because no one is perfect. We decided practice makes you better is more appropriate.


Homemade costume

We filled his shirt with corn and Boyd says, "Wow, this must be what dad feels like."

He has also been practicing and improving on his hula hooping skills.

New bike and caught on right away with the gears.

We revisited some old costumes to share with a younger friend.

Biker buddies.

While I was giving my TEDx talk in New Jersey Boyd, Adam and the girls visited National Harbor in DC.

Ferris Wheel fun!

Boosterthon fun run. Boyd had an international cheering squad: USA,  England, and Serbia.

Leaping leaves.

Boyd dominated this years field and made a big improvement on his time on this course. He ran really even and tough. Love that he loves to run.

Trunk or Treat at school was a little dark for this dragon

Seriously the cutest Harry Potter.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Apple Orchard

Cedric wasn't quite tall enough so the kids gave him a boost.

Room to run.

I love this kid a bushel and a peck


Hard at work.

Thankful for my trusted camera and the many faces of Boyd I can catch from afar.

Beautiful. SO much to be thankful for.


No words for this sequence.