Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Thursday Night Summer concert in the park. Boyd found a seat.  Boyd I hope you are always brave  and never self conscious. Boyd proceeded to dance all alone right in front of the singers at two different points in their show. He never ceases to amaze me and make me want to be a little more like him.

Another seat in a tree this time. Almost hidden.

Taking the bike to the Colorado soil. Again, way braver than me although he did get me out there on the small bumps he was far more comfortable.

Love this view and contrast of colors.

Button Rock is a place Boyd will ask to go to several times within the year.  Up the road we go.

Macy walking Boyd.

These stumps used to be a more appropriate fit for Boyd's size.

Trying to find a route across.

Tree pose in the trees.

We cheered Chris and Kylee on at their 2 mile race and afterwards Boyd had a long dance battle with the Dairy Queen cone. It was so fun to watch. When the cone became human again he was drenched in sweat.

Always visiting at least one new place in Lyons. This year it was Pinball. Who knew this hidden gem would be so fun.

Boyd dancing and CeAnn relaxing.

These two have a long standing history. In 2012 Boyd surprised Macy and she bit him in response. Boyd has been leery of her at times but this year loved her to pieces. He wanted to feed her and turn her into a sausage with all the treats and he just wanted to be around her. She loves when he throws rocks and he likes to think he is a little bit his dog as he instructs her to do things. These two were always so much fun with Chris at the river. 

Giving commands.


Shake with a treat

CeAnn snuggles while snacking and hanging out outside the market.

In so many ways this is our immediate family and home. I wish I could eloquently explain what our hearts feels every time we pull up for the summer.  This summer perhaps even more than any other we needed to come "home". Thank you for showering us with love, peace, purpose, conversation, laughter, growth, fun, perspective and a million and one more things.  While we hate to go and struggle with the transition back to the east coast we look forward to next year. 

One last night. Boyd kept squeezing Kylee and telling her, "I'm so glad you can stay with us"

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The ball game!

Pearl Street Mile/Half mile

Boyd set a goal to do some biking to town and back. This bike brigade includes some of my favorite people.

Annual mini golf. We are about the same skill level as last year.

Just tall enough for the go karts. He raced Kylee. Her car was backfiring and Boyd took full advantage laying on the gas.

Morning river crew. I accomplished my goal of jumping in.

Boyd loving on Kylee.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lily lake choose your own adventure.

Boyd was the one creating the route there and back.

Dance moves on the mountain.

Well this ended in a bear cub scratch when a branch peg broke off.

Optical illusion. He is high above the water and this was freaking me out.

Why are you nervous mom?

A few false summits but we made it.

We thought it was an otter with a branch but learned it was probably a muskrat. We also saw ducks, and a snake.

We were at the top but we think our actual summit was hidden.

Boyd has been accepted as one of the Lyons big kid crew, meanwhile I joined but the kids insisted I had to be Kylee's aunt rather than cousin. Sad I'm old. This picture of the sun setting on Laverne Johnson park should be in a catalog.

Ended the day at National Night Out.