Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer Winding Down

Fire pit night with s'mores

Annual toad catching night and picture.

The more the merrier. I love a house full of kids.

I am definitely a boy mom. Nerf and forts.

How is he so big?

Still thinks he is little.

Snake facepaint. He did not want this one to wash off.

Well, this happened. He rides around the neighborhood so much that he wore through his tire.

Building reservoirs and canals.

Line up keeps browning. Boyd knows the names of all of them.

Three peas in a pod.

The backyard beach.

Somehow we found ourselves going through relics in the closet for quite a while just snuggling and going through old things.

Summer is almost over. Here he gets his teacher assignment. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Boyd Entering 3rd Grade Question and Answer

What do you want to be when you grow up? An engineer. A car one who designs cars.

What’s your favorite color? Green or Orange

Favorite Animal: Turtles and Snow leapords

If you could have a pet what would it be? A lobster What would you name it? Snapper

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Be invisible, invincible and fast so I could be everywhere in one second

If you could travel to one place where would it be? In your arms

Favorite thing to do outside? Bike and play infection

Favorite thing to do inside?  Play Forza Horizon 3 and Nerf wars

Favorite place you have ever been? Grandparents house and Colorado

Best memories of the summer. Going to Colorado and ziplining at Meadow park and playing baseball with rocks into the river.

Worst memories of the summer. Mom yelling at me.

Favorite food? Pizza and rigatoni and grilled cheese

Favorite Book? The Day the Crayons Came Home, Harry Potter

Favorite toys? Hotwheel cars and nerf guns

Interests: Cars

How fast do you think you will run a mile next year? 6:32

What summer camps did you do this year? Baseball, ninja warrior, basketball and Gyotaku

What camps do you hope to do next year? Bottle rocket camp

What are you looking forward to learning in 3rd grade? Fractions

What was the best thing about second grade? Gyotaku

What's one thing that you taught your friends? nothing

What are two things you are good at?  Juking, riding a 360 bike

What are some positive characteristics about you?  I’m a ray of sunshine, funny

How many inches will you grow this year? Five or six

What's one thing you'll be able to do next year that you can't do now? Division

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Second half of summer 2017 Happenings

While I recovered from surgery the kids had to pitch for themselves during a backyard game of wiffle ball. I love our neighborhood.

Solar eclipse. With surgery we were unable to make the voyage to Missouri but a pop tart wrapper saved the day so we could see the 90% eclipse. It was still bright outside.

Grandma helped us celebrate with homemade box viewers and pointing out the crescent leaves.

Eclipse with our friends who also were disappointed since their extended family was in Nebraska and also saw the total eclipse.

This has nothing to do with the eclipse. Boyd was in a recyclable remains mood and decided to pull a prank on dad with pieces of a wet paper towel roll. He wadded it up and put it on the toilet seat, It worked and dad skipped the main floor bathroom because of the prank.

Moonsand with friends.

We are finally reading Harry Potter!!!!!

Remote control cars helped entertain while I was couch bound.

Bubble aqua man.

This ham was dangerous with the crutches I had on hand.

Post marathon and pre surgery we had a few days to get out and enjoy being active in Virginia.

Curtis Park swinging.

Since we moved to Virginia I knew of a hike called Scotts Run that went to a waterfall. It isn't very long or strenuous I had just never taken the time to do it. We scheduled a meet up with our NOVA friends and crossed Scotts run off my bucket list. Boyd had a blast on the journey too.

Friends since they were 2.

They successfully made it across the river.

This picture doesn't capture the adventure but it is scenic. After this the boys wanted to find a way up and across so we could scamper down the other side of the falls. I was an exploration at its finest.

Checking the depth and fishing.

Boys will be boys.

A big ledge. 

Exploring Chichester park with a car load of friends and then we made new friends too.

To do something extra fun with so much chaos in our lives I took Boyd to the school parking lot to "Drive".

Love this big kid

Skateboarding and scooters.

No words 8 or 18?

Adam and I went to NYC the night before my surgery. A yummy meal and lots of commotion due to Trump being a block away.

The sad face before I left for surgery but then we laughed because this looks like a printed and cut out face for a sporting event.

Surgery success. More news at my follow up tomorrow.

Surgery of their own trying to get the remote control cars to work.

Grandma snuggles

Pictures are all out of order. Solar eclipse shadow.

The hiking crew. It was the perfect way to spend the day before surgery.

Neighborhood kids playing evening games. 

Boyd threw this piece into the bin and it stuck.

Adorable and the cake is amazing.

What in the world? Party tricks.