Sunday, February 25, 2018

When there is a will there's a way

Sure enough he tried jumping rope while pogoing. He will try again and get it I'm sure. I had him stop because he had some basketball tournament games to play.


This team and coach were incredible. Each one of them loved the game, contributed, and did their best. They were truly a special team. Boyd's first year of basketball is one to remember. Undefeated and won the tournament. It took all 8 of them! 

Cheering after the win!

Boyd always makes his teacher smile. This is one example.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Happenings

February brought lots of school cancellation weather and then some beautiful weather. Therefore, we got creative and also played hard. February has also been a big basketball month with the championship tournament beginning tonight.
Extra practice at our gym!

Awards at school for working hard at everything he does and always inserting humor.

These kids love to play. His team took advantage of the gym and played for 2 hours. 

Candy bar Bingo. Boyd and I struck out but our kind friends shared their winnings.

Boyd learned to pogo. His record is 840 something. His friend across the street and him will bounce and practice for hours all while chatting away. He can pogo no hands and with one foot. He asked to try pogoing while jumping rope but decided to try jumping curbs instead (insert mom cringes)

A little Harry Potter magic. We just finished book 5.

No school = pi's and playing around with some Bucks clappers for baseball and sword fighting.

Play hard, sleep hard, all while a stuffed animal (Snowy) tickles your face with his whiskers. 

Using a dinosaur to clean up your laundry.

Treasure chest from GiGi's mystery series. 

This years Valentine's. Love the little faces and details like pirate eye patches and mustaches some included.  

Playing battle bots! Boyd is a much better driver than me. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

A little sledding and snow boarding on a blistery snow day. 
January 2018 has been a very cold month here in Virginia with a mix of snow and ice thrown in there. Needless to say Boyd had an extra long Christmas break and then a day of school and then another break. We kept busy and tried to fight off cabin fever, some days more successfully than others. Grandma and Grandpa Burla also came for a visit(how I have no pictures makes me want to cry. I must have been that sleep deprived after my trip to Houston). The last weekend however we received the most glorious gift of three days of 60 degree weather which mean WE GOT OUTSIDE!!!!! A little worn out from the fresh air I am catching up with the blog today. 

Thanks for the entertainment Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessica. The remote control tank is really cool.

A a belated birthday present from Boyd's nanny from 5 years ago. His comment upon receiving the box of chocolates was, "She knows me so well."

Another day off off school due to a little bit of ice. We turned it into fun.

A miracle has happened. Boyd is now wearing pants that fit. Until this day he refused to wear pants that covered his socks and touched his shoes (hence the flood pants in all previous pictures). Thank you Melissa Burla for finding pants he will wear and that actually fit.

The first nice day in months meant a trip to explore Alum Springs park with a friend. We got filthy, wet, laughed, explored and had an absolutely amazing day. Down the dirt chief shoot. Love this natural playground.

Throwing rocks to break the ice.

Rock climbing.

Daring each other to explore holes and the cave.

How they made it to the middle without a splash, I do not know.

My Wisconsin heart jumped for joy. I grew up on a pond and this was Boyd's first natural experience with ice on a water source. He didn't venture far but thought he was a real dare devil. 

Such a nice duo to spend the day with.

Monday, January 1, 2018

NYE 2018

New tricks to end the year.

Always up to something.

Budding artist

Preparing to see The Illusionists at the Kennedy Center in DC New Years Eve (this was Adam's birthday present from us). Boyd was insistent that we find his bow tie. The one he wore about 8 years ago from Great Grandpa Ramsey for his funeral. Found it and he sure looked good. Boyd said he needed his sunglasses because important people wear sunglasses. 

Waiting in the concert hall before the show. 

This hall had all the countries flags. 

We found a quieter place on the steps to wait and be silly before heading into the theater. 
We believe in magic. A good show and way to end the year. We all had different favorite parts and magicians. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

From Mid December to Christmas jumble of photos and happenings

Mom and Boyd getting comfy in Santa's sleigh.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Non traditional dinner and delicious.

Thanks Santa.

Cozy and hilarious.

Thanks Santa. The knock hockey board is a hit.

Watch your mouth game is tough.

Snuggle bug in his new robe.

Did I mention Boyd turned 9???? We celebrated by taking a few friends out with the birthday boy to celebrate. Bowling, a few arcade games, pizza and back home for playing and cake, followed by Christmas lights on the drive home. A great trio of boys made the night fun and laid back for all.

Good times at Garaffa's Pizza

These three are some serious competitors and witty as can be too.

Can't believe there are this many candles. He is growing up.

Dash away.

Reindeer one mile run. 1st in his age group.

Putting a smile on mom's face.

He has his own way of cleaning and organizing.

Lego tape. So cool.

The monkey that held this guy when he was a baby.

Partying on a school night. 2nd Annual trip down south for the light show. 

Also a helpful cookie maker and decorator. 

The start of the reindeer run.

This is what I call a post race good time. Wipe out style and Christmas village.

He drove his nerf cart in the snow. Look at those tracks. 

Santa came to our neighborhood clubhouse for a nice event.

He read the Night Before Christmas but we decided he was probably a helper Santa because he didn't seem too familiar with the story.

Dad getting into the Christmas spirit decorating some cookies. 

Boyd didn't tell him what he really wanted since he was only a helper Santa.

Fun with friends enjoying a not freezing afternoon at the park.These two are loud and wild together.

Boyd has the reputation of being fragile at school. His teacher said she wants to wrap him in bubble wrap. Her wish came true when this great packaging arrived.

Harry Potter heading to a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Boyd sent his RSVP by Owl.

Only Boyd asks for froyo in Winter but we had a coupon.

Snow angels in the snow.

Pretty soon he won't need a boost to put the angel on top but it is tradition.

Gosh I love this kid.

Boyd setting up the manger. That tricky lamb.

A nice day for golfing in the field.

In the spirit.

Such a nice view.

Sensitive. He was so sad when all our guests left before Christmas.

Stacking challenge.

Hard to believe his hand was ever that small.

Mr. Helpful.


This years homemade ornaments turned out awesome. Boyd was so creative with his Elmo hat, bird hat, Yetti, cammelon, tiger, and Harry Potter themed ones. Somehow we missed a picture with our pals Stephanie and Noah for our annual tradition.

Boyd loved his friend and Olympian from Serbia, Amela was so much fun to host and train with.

Pool sharks.

Mom win.

Only my child would use the adjective cooky kooky to describe himself. We love that he is kooky too.