Saturday, November 8, 2014

Leaping Leaves 1 mile trail run

This has been a busy week for Boyd.  Boyd began his first organized sport (Wrestling) which was Monday and Wednesday. He listened very well and is really working on getting some of the step by step fundamentals.  Thursday Boyd's school ran their boosterthon fun run.  I was able to volunteer and I was really impressed by all the kindergarteners.  They worked really hard to get as many laps as they could (up to 35). They were inspiring and Boyd was no exception.  Today (Saturday) Boyd ran the Leaping Leaves 1 mile run.  He'd been asking to run a race and the Stafford Parks and Rec Department held this wonderful event in a park in Fredericksburg.   It was basically a kids (ages 5-13) one mile cross country race.  Adam and I were so proud of Boyd's effort and the best part was that he loved it so much.  At the awards ceremony he told the race director, "Thank you, we'll see you next year." His favorite part was when they ran through the woods away from all the spectators. He said he passed people there.
                                      Checking his watch. How many minutes until race time?
                                                                  All smiles.
                                                        Boyd's idea of a warm up.
                               Making sure there is a true finish line. Digging his heel in the dirt.
              Coach McGuire at the University of Missouri would be proud, "Have fun first."
                                                                    Race face?
                                              Running in a tiny circle. Almost time.
                                                                And they're off.
                                                             Mixing it up

                                                                     Moving up
                                                          About to enter the woods
                                                                  Out of the woods
                                                             Making a surge

                                                          Final stretch. Look at that stride.
                                                                  Nipped at the line
 Snacks after finishing.  What did you think of the race? Thumb and granola bar up.
Receiving his first medal.  First in his age group (ok he was the only one, but he did finish 7th out of about 35 in 9:05).