Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy weekend

Boyd's snow globe that was featured at the Stafford County Fine Arts Festival. He said he wasn't sure why they picked this piece of his because he had better work.

Caps for Sale

I spy with my little eye and egg dipper

An egg in each cup

Always experimenting

Getting brave touching the worms

Working on a project

Completing his bracket

All after going to Faculty Follies at school Friday night and winning his Leprechaun leap race on Saturday morning! He said, that was my second consecutive win.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cousin love. Boyd loved Ike. After we left, Boyd said, "I love Ike, I miss him already."

Dress up

Picking fresh grapefruit and oranges at 4:30 in the morning since we were still on East coast time

Watch out for those citrus rats

Vince, these look like new shoes in this photo

The  crew admiring the fruit

Monday, March 7, 2016


Spring Training in Arizona with Uncle Pete

Saguaro cactus on Camelback Mountain

Love the cactus. 

On top of the city

Hiking partners. He looks unhappy but he had a blast. He ran up the steep trail.

Shark with cousins 

Fountain fun. Only one foot fell in.


Desert climbing

Touching the cactus spines

From the heights.

Making orange juice or decorating the cactus

Chilling with Vine

Free ride from Papa on the way back from the pool