Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This was what I found in Boyd's tote bag. Me: Boyd, what is this? Boyd: A chicken heart. Me: Why do you have a chicken heart in your tote bag. Boyd: Because the cows heart was too massive.
Oh science... never to young to learn about the circulatory system.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Figuring out how to roll the log sans hands at school drop off one morning.
 School pals. Boyd's routine: hug teachers while searching for one or more of his three best school friends. Then runs off to play chase.
 Headlamp Boy.
 Boyd and his expressions.
 Will you be my Valentine.  Boyd is not my art lover, much to my dismay, but his work on his Valentines sure made me proud. They turned out so cute.  On the backs he dictated what he likes about or liked to do with that particular friend. I particularly like the yellow one with eyes that he said, "I'm spying on you". I also like the blue one with the teeth.  The yellow one with all the pom poms is the sweetest.  He added the pom poms and pipe cleaner for his friend Abigail because she likes cuddly stuff (she really is the class animal and stuffed animal lover).
 The boys created a game they call launch car.  The run in circles holding onto the tire swing and then let go, launching across the playground.  Boyd and Noah (orange coat) scheme to play this every day after school too. 
 Valentine's package from Grandparents Burla.
 Introduction to the bop bag.  Oh my, Boyd thinks his muscles are growing from this activity and always wants to give the tightest hugs ever post workout to show me how much stronger he has become.
 Instant snow. This time Boyd wanted to pretend he was making pizza with the substance.  He wanted it smooth and would cut it into pieces. You could order one half with toppings and one half without.  He also would sprinkle "Parmesan cheese" on top.
Strike a pose.
 ...or several
 Then he played the wasabi scene from Cars 2
 Jumping off the couch and catching some air. (The paper bags are another game we invented, Lego people toss)
 Boyd loves his magazines and I love this picture for so many reasons.  Unwinding before bed, reading to himself, undies inside out.
Boyd is growing up fast; some days I wish I could slow down time. The other day at Cherry Hill park we were playing make believe as we journeyed around the park.  At one point after tickling the dragons and tying them up, and before we saved the princes, Boyd announced, "Mom, we are on a story walk." I loved it.  Boyd I love the story walks we take daily.