Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Lost Tooth

After initially freaking out while eating a grilled cheese that his tooth was loose, Boyd was pumped about his first loose tooth.  While eating a chocolate covered pineapple flower he gave me a look and said, "My tooth, it's gone. I think I swallowed it." Sure enough, it was no where to be found. Then he whistled and announced, "Phew, I can still do that." We had to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain the missing tooth. She still delivered.  Boyd was thrilled that he'd get to add his name to their board at school- January has had the most teeth lost thus far for his class.

I also wanted to write that Boyd is obsessed with living to the year 3000 so that he can be there to open a time capsule he read about in a magazine. It is the New York time capsule located in NY City outside of the American Museum of Natural History. The contents are very bizarre but Boyd really wants to be there for its opening.  The other night after prayers I asked if he had anything else to add and he asked God for him to live to the year 3000 or at least send him back down to earth as a 6 year old so that he could be there to see it opened.  I think we need to make a time capsule of our own to be opened when he graduates. I am sure times will have changed by then too.  Love you Boyd!
I'm pretty sure Boyd was meant to live in the North.  His New Years Resolution is to play in the snow. Before I left for Houston we had a dusting on the driveway and Boyd was ready to play.  At least there was enough for a snow angel.
 Boyd has also been asking for me to take him somewhere he could go ice skating. I promised to take him to a skating rink after my race so with yesterday off we went to an outdoor rink to let him hit the ice. Boyd fell in love with skating. I had to drag him off the ice after 4 hours. He was content skating on his own and was quite daring (something that we don't see often). He was trying to spin and was actually jumping. Even the falls didn't bother him.  We did learn that skating that long makes him sore as we were up during the night to deal with his sore legs. Boyd I am so proud of you trying a new skill. Next time single blade skates.