Monday, March 25, 2013

 Snow day when it was still winter we dyed our Easter eggs. Boyd was very systematic. Each one color, make sure it really soaks in the color. No mom you cannot eat them.
 The process.
 Love this look.
 Some of the eggs.
 Proud of how they turned out.
 Fashion forward.
 Boyd changed his name to Cade and is back to wearing his firefighter costume daily.
 Weekly Library trip.
 Boyd has learned his left, right, up, down, front, back.
 His favorite part of the new park.
 Way up high.
 March winds are good for something.
 My love.
 Boyd and Egbert(Adam's special stuffed animal from when he was a kid).  Boyd thinks we all need to snuggle with something special.
 Nerf dart tag (Wanted to be like his cousins)
 The directions say wear eye protection.  After an accidental ouch due to my poor aim we took the directions to heart.
 Yep, Spring snowman.  Boyd made it look like a smiling bunny.
 Drawing the biggest smile ever.
 He is leaning quite a bit.
 Although I am not a fan of snow, Boyd's joy made it bearable.
 Shoveling the grass for fun.
Boyd and his crazy antics.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yes, my apologizes, I have been slacking on the blog.  Being the mom of a 4 year old is busy.
 Boyd as a alligator on pajama day experimenting with instant snow and colors.
 Taking some notes/
 Watch out this bee might sting!
 "Bee" utiful.
 I know I have stated this before but we are so lucky to have Noah and his family in our lives.  Here the boys are with matching squirrel patches on a secret squirrel mission.
 Playing a real version of angry birds.
 Our new secret code. Love you too Boyd.
 Playing with boxes and the boys.  He steps onto the playground and I think I might just disappear at that moment.  So glad he loves school and his friends.
 Playing he is a baby in a box. What a nice package.
 He's got the looks.