Thursday, April 28, 2016

Floor hockey action!

Adam has an unfair advantage as goalie.

Happy Gillmore style off the table

Best friends final round of hide and seek before they move.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


The Easter Bunny delivered some good Pokemon cards.

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Finding eggs and more eggs

Official count 

How tall until it falls

Pals on the trampoline


Tent time

My little green thumb.

The ground is so tough he was balancing on the shovel like a pogo stick.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mid March through mid April

So much wind this Spring. This kite stayed up in the air for 45 minutes before we reeled it back in. Two string rolls too.

New water bottle that mists water too.

Wet feet and wet socks and no tears. Tough guy in the making. Saw a copperhead too several minutes later.

Some times I can't help but post his funny answers.

In need of longer clubs.

Spring break on a mommy workout day. He helped me crush the icebergs in my ice bath.

First Musical at the high school. Jungle Book. He thought it was really good. Having our nanny and neighbor friends join was an added treat.

In character

This face cracked me up when I went back through my phone.

Potomac Nationals entertainment 

In the process of having the house painted.

Snuggle bug before the heatwave of Spring

Spring school picture

Tennis player. Always a fun activity.

So much fun and work the past month that rest is in order too. I love that he still snuggles with Turtley.

Lunch on the ledge with friends

Still the Kratt brothers at heart. Also brave. The water was freezing.