Sunday, August 31, 2014


"I wonder what you're doing right now,
And if everyone is treating you kind.
I hope there is a special person,
A nice person that you can find.

I wonder if the teacher knows
Just how special you are to me,
And if the brightness of your heart
is something she can see.

I wonder if you are thinking about me,
And if you need a hug.
I already miss the sound of your voice
And how you give my leg a tug.

I wonder if you could possibly understand
How hard it is for me to let you grow.
On this day know that my heart breaks
For this is the first step in letting my baby go."

 He loved the music room.  It was a little busy in his classroom.

Boyd, you are ready for kindergarten. It's just me that's not ready to let you go.  I love you and wish you a wonderful first year of school.

Boyd kindergarten question and answer session
What do you want to be when you grow up? A police officer
What's your favorite color? Blue
Favorite animal? Platypus
If you could have a pet what would it be? A lobster
If you could have a superpower what would it be? To be everywhere at once
Favorite thing to do outside? Ride bikes
Favorite thing to do inside? Play
Best place you have ever been? Legoland
Favorite food? Popcorn
Best friends? Noah, Freddi and Chase
Favorite book? Firefighters A to Z
Favorite movie? The Lego Movie
What are you looking forward to about kindergarten? Playing outside
What's one thing that you will teach your friends? Don't believe in shows they are not real. They are fiction.
What's one rule you would make if you were the teacher? You CAN run on the mulch. (He was quite sad they can only run on the grass area and not the mulch where the equipment is located)
What are two things you are good at? Putting together Lego's and hanging upside down
What do you want to learn about in Kindergarten? Maps
What is one thing you will miss about summer? Pools
How many inches will you grow this year?  17
What's one thing you'll be able to do next year that you can't do now? Write
What is one piece of advice you have for preschoolers? If I want you and you want me, it's the same and we'll play

I'm back

I finally figured out how to load photos to my apple computer!  Hooray. We are back in business and not a moment to soon as Boyd begins Kindergarten September 2.  I'll do my best to catch everyone up on the last few months and hope to be better about lugging my camera around again.  I got lazy and started relying on my phone. So here goes the recap on the last four months in pictures.
Lots of outside time this spring and summer riding bikes, planting flowers, playing in the sprinkler, playing in the pool, water balloons, exploring, digging in the construction dirt piles, soccer, baseball,  and more 

 A late Spring visit from our good pal Noah or Leonardo.
 When indoors there is always lots of costume time.
 Some beautiful June birthday cards for his cousins.  Best work to date.

 End of the year field trip to Braehead Farms.  A favorite place of Boyd and mine.  We visited several times this summer to pick berries and vegetables and play in their amazing barnyard.

 Our neighborhood is safe.
 Checking out the map to see where the call is coming from and to make a plan.
 June visit to St. Louis. Sprinkler time.

 Going back in time with toys.

 Trying on every piece of jewelry from Great Grandma. He thought the broach was a belt buckle.
 A visit from Aunt Emily, Uncle Gabe and Miles added to the fun.
 Reminding Boyd of the toss game he used to play as a baby
 Loving on Aunt Emily
 Sisters with their wild boys.

 Partners in crime.
 Puzzles with grandma.
 Vehicle day in Missouri always a treat for the boys.

 Loving on Great Grandma Ramsey

 New York City trip.  Boyd rules the town.

 Empire State building.

 Exciting treat...all the NYPD.  They recruited Boyd.

 Mom: Do you need a compass in Space? Boyd: No, remember the footprints.  They don't go away so you can just follow them back.

 Spider walking the walls.
 Army mission with Grandpa after their Florida trip.