Friday, February 24, 2017

Grandpa Ramsey's Visit

Last week, we were spoiled. My dad, Boyd's Grandpa Ramsey came for a visit. It was a fantastic visit. Boyd and I were very sad when we had to say goodbye and Boyd was pretty much in denial of it until we actually loaded up the car. Grandpa helped so much around the house and organized our garage. I can actually park in the garage now! All my neighbors are in shock-it's big news in our hood. He also went exploring with us and soaked up the rays, as we soaked up time with him. SO many wonderful memories were made. Boyd and his grandpa's Bucks connection was just precious especially as Boyd, dubbed Little Giannis, watched the real Milwaukee Bucks Giannis tear it up in the NBA All Star Game, as well as their connection for trinkets and hidden gems.  My dad was able to teach us both how to play Chinese Checkers which was a really fun evening despite my losing. Boyd picked it up pretty fast too. My dad's visit made me swell with pride as he continues to teach me how to be a good human being. He made so many friends at the bus stop and with friends who would come to the door to play, checking on ones who seemed out of sorts, bonding and chatting it up with others, and he is seriously so kind to everyone he meets. His love for being a grandpa shone bright the whole trip. He taught me about parenting too, to stand my ground a little bit more with Boyd as I watched the respect between Grandpa and Boyd grow as he held his ground on the purple cow deal with Boyd- combining playful fun with firm limits.  I caught myself just watching in awe and admiration so many times his trip, hoping I turn out to be at least half the person he is. I loved our one on one time chatting over lunch too.  I am also so proud of him for continuing to push his own limits as he comes back from his surgery a year ago as well. I am thrilled we were able to celebrate your surgerversary with you dad and with a run.  Thanks for a great visit! 

This was before my dad came. Boyd is such a ham. That face. Turn oatmeal into something spectacular...

like this. Best Valentine's Box in his class if I do say so myself.
I may have mentioned that art is Boyd's favorite thing about school this year. A sample of a few projects that just came home.

We also made it through Candy Bar Bingo at school where I had to do the calling. He picked out a new spirit stick while he was there too.

Still has those same big eyes he looked at me with as a baby.

Exploring different rock specimens .

Grandpa saved a newspaper clipping that has proved very helpful in pronouncing Giannis Antetokounmpo's last name. 


Bucks fan inheriting a shirt handed down from his cousins.

Official Giannis NBA All Star Game jersey. Boyd was thrilled when the warm ups came off and they were wearing the same thing.

Out of order picture but Boyd is back training for the Tour.

Exploring history at Chatham Mannor which  over looks Fredericksburg.

An old gnarled tree

Grandpa ran while we biked. Then we threw rocks in the river. Boyd is good at skipping them now and has quite an arm as he aimed at logs floating by.

Intense game one with three players.

Here Boyd teamed up with Grandpa and is literally smelling victory. I love this picture.

This one cracks me up too. V for victory.

Lots of snuggles.

Government Island posing.

About to head out on the Surgerversary Run!

Lots of back and forth in terms of speed for Boyd. Tortoise and the Hare.

The crew!

The All Star Game viewing. First thing Boyd said in the morning was, "Who won?" Then he had to go on to look everything up. We loved watching the dunk over Steph Curry- Giannis came to play.

One of several projects completed . We are all enjoying the chimes.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Early February catch up

Somehow with my jet lag from Japan I missed a photo of Papa's visit with Boyd but I did snap this photo of Boyd's drawing from the Italian restaurant. Papa has taught Boyd some Italian. Boyd also has the opportunity to do a research project on a country of his choosing and he picked Italy.

After dropping Papa off at the airport we went and visited the Thompson's and new baby Hannah.

Boyd has the same picture with Hannah's brother Bennett when he was the same age. Boyd even chose to wear the same shirt.

Photos out of order but some neighborhood pals.

Annual iceskating. The ice and dull skates made for a rough outing this year. Next year we need to get our own skates.

Boyd and Bennett. Bennett loved Boyd so much and Boyd was so proud to make Bennett laugh and laugh playing games with him. Bennett cried when Boyd had to leave.


Awards ceremony at school. For critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Boyd and his teacher.

He should be in a jeans commercial.

Trampoline park to jump around with our neighbor Shawn. They built some cool structures to knock down and jump over into the pits.

Before the Superbowl, Boyd claimed the Sushi Go Championship title.

Tonight we completed this years Valentines. As customary we made them homemade. I love the rocks with Boyd's personal flair. 

One of the few times I can get him to "craft".

Must have gotten his creative juices flowing. "Look, I'm a pirate."

Snip snip snip, now I'm a shark.

No comment. I swear 8 year old boys and anything having to do with their bodies.

First night of working on his Valentine's Container. Tomorrow we need to get and stuff black socks and then attach the signs. He he too funny with the signs.