Monday, September 26, 2016

Words to describe Boyd from his homework bag in the last post

Throwing rocks into the pond

"Biker club" Boyd exclaimed before running into the house and returning with his snazzy jacket.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Second Grade first few days update

This is what I have learned from Boyd over the past few days in regards to school...

1. He loves routines and has picked up the school groove immediately.
2. He doesn't want to miss a moment of school, sadly the bus has been 30 minutes to an hour late much to his dislike, especially since his class has specials right away.
3. After so much homework in first grade, his assignment for this week was a breeze and he did it right away and said, "I like this kind of homework." He had to write words to describe himself on a lunchbag and put three items into the bag to help his peers get to know him better. There is no name on the bag so they have to guess whose is whose. In class, after the guessing game, he has to explain to his class why he chose the items he did. In case you were wondering he packed 1. bag of goldfish because he likes swimming and researched fish this summer and he wants a goldfish (hooray for the fact that his class will be getting one), 2. a Lego figure because he likes building legos and because he is creative, and lastly 3. He created this snake from a game he plays using paper, crayons, a hole punch and string, because he likes the game Sliteri-o, he likes snakes, he wants Reptiles Alive to come to school, and because he and Marshal encountered a snake while wading in the creek last Spring.  
4. I have also learned that he is antsy to get learning. Mom, it has mostly just been rules and stuff, I haven't learned anything new yet. Library has been the best because we actually got to pick out books. However, he is not a fan of the new library makeover because it is babyish.  I need to go see it to see why he thinks it is babyish.
5. He is a little lonely and has more in common with the kids in another class-he keeps saying he wished he were in that class. Time to make new friends. I do feel bad for him, he is an old soul and gravitates to older, more mature peers. May he find a few to connect with. 
6. He loves being in second grade so he can sit where he wants on the bus. Usually row 16 because it is far enough away from his old seat.
7. Don't ask him about school or you will get a one word answer but at bedtime when he is stalling you might get a few facts or a life lesson discussion. Such as daddy needing a growth mindset, or contemplating how full your bucket is at the end of the day in terms of having a good day and how you can add to your and others buckets. 
7. He can use good handwriting when he wants to.
8. His teacher sent a message saying he was doing great. I can't wait to get into his classroom and see him in action come October. 
9. He still loves being home and playing in the neighborhood with everyone. Come on cooler temps so we don't have to wait until the sun is setting to go out and enjoy.
10. If you get bored in class you make up stuff to do like using two pencils to make your hair a below

Boyd is having fun with soccer too. First game tomorrow.

How he makes mohawks during class to pass the time. Step one.

Step 2

Step 3

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

...and just like that I blinked and summer is over

Well, Summer 2016 is in the books and as I spend my first day post workout without Boyd of course I am missing him something awful. To fill the void I decided to load photos to the blog from our summer adventures. There are plenty of photos although I feel like I missed so much. Boyd was ready to go back to school but I sure hope he remembers all the memories we made. Enjoy the photos even thought they are out of order.

Two different kinds of pool this summer. Love Boyd's face here. 

These two worked a lot this summer. Boyd is doing the office police work on this particular day. They even were interviewed about their cases and filmed for house news.

Despite looking cheerful, I was framed.

Costumes made a comeback this summer. Lots of imaginative play much to my delight. Boyd didn't even  mind that they were high waters.

Charlie's Angels
Ninja warrior
Keeping our streets safe and cleaning up a lot of litter. They did fingerprinting removal and everything. 
Fulfilling a birthday trip with our dear friend Noah. These two were amazing at the Rock Climbing gym. Both made my mouth drop on their free climbing and bouldering. We need a trip to the mountains. Uncle Kirk and Aunt Chris would be proud.
Taking a break on the mat.
Boyd participated in a Focus camp at school and learned to do some coding,
It was a hot summer so if we weren't in the pool, we brought our sports inside.
Not quite as many toads as last year but there were a few toad catching nights.
Sometimes there are no words.
No ropes
Free climbing buddies.
He changed allegiances. Somehow we still claim his as our son.
Tinker crate making constellations.
His PE teacher will be proud.
We watched a lot of the Olympics so on went my USA uniform one night. 
Bowling post movie. We saw The BFG, Secret Life of Pets and Pete's dragon this summer. The BFG was by far the best.
Played lots of basketball at the gym in the afternoons. 
National Night Out. Last year about this time Boyd crashed his bike so hopefully this will be the only ambulance we see this time around. 

Neighborhood hoop.
We read soooooooo many books this summer. It was glorious, and Boyd easily reached his reading goal at the library. This sign was the top prize.
Boyd was part fish this summer. He took two weeks of swim lesson and after the first day he was swimming scuba mask free. God bless swim teachers, I think I need to take lessons. He learned many of the strokes including butterfly and did awesome. Michael Phelps in the pool wanna be. 
Lessons. This is only part of the facility. It is beautiful.
Epic summer Jenga game. We had a snakes round for the record books too.
Birds of Prey was outdoors this year. It was very hot and the kids got antsy but we still enjoyed the presentation. Taking a closer look.
Cookie monster eating a cookie, eating a cookie. 
Neighborhood pals.
Post movie fun. 
I love our neighborhood and all the kids in it.
Paint pottery. Pokemon!
Lemonade stand mid day on a hot day. Business was booming.
A treat for having to sit through mommy's work. Why do I only take pictures of Boyd eating unhealthy things?
I am officially a soccer mom. First day of practice.
LEGO builds. This theme was amusement park.
Soccer shoes arrives.
Boyd created a double decker oreo. 
Scooter tricks. Popping a wheelie.
Boyd asked to take a selfie with Uncle Slam at the Potomac Nationals game.
Family photo fail.

balancing on the edge and falling in.

Last dip of the summer. Wish we didn't have to say goodbye to the pool yet. 

Pokemon go should be a post all itself but here he is in his element. 

Catching Pokemon in a tree even.