Thursday, February 5, 2015

NYPD! Adam was in NY and was able to go to the 9-11 Memorial. He said it was something else. Next time we all go to NY we'll have to pay our tributes as well. As a special gift and way to celebrate all the first responder Boyd  received this hat and t-shirt.

Look at that tooth gap. It's actually gotten bigger since this series of photos. Enjoy the many faces of Boyd.

Boyd and Bennett. Boyd had actually been wearing his white shirt and tie for this special occasion but must have changed just before this.  He told me the night before our dinner that we needed to dress up for Bennett.  Boyd also thinks he is Bennett's uncle for some reason.  It was a very sweet visit.  When I was counting plates for dinner Boyd said we need one more for Bennett. Earlier he asked, "Do you think Bennett would like some of these cars to play with?" He loves babies and seriously asks me at least 3 times a week when we're going to have another. 


Last Easter the Easter Bunny left a basket but did not hide eggs.  Instead he left a note that he'd be back.  Well almost a year later...what a surprise! 27 hidden eggs.