Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Fun

The duo from the movie Jurassic World, Owen and Aunt Claire (the heels were for photo purposes only)  

Hunting down the dinosaur

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It has been far too long

Designing his own hospital
Here are some pictures ranging from June through October from the good camera and totally out of order

Pointing to something at Cox Farm

Rope swing fun at Cox Farm

Friends forever. Noah and Boyd. A fall tradition trip to Cox Farm together.

Mining for gold and other gemstones.

Water pump duck races

Trunk or Treat at School. Our Angler fish.

I love how they posed for this one. Boyd trying to take a bite and a pretend terrified Freddi. Between the two of them we could cast a play.

Braehead farm barn swings

Digging a volcano out of the giant sand pit with Uncle Gabe and Luci.

He is quite the berry picker

First day of school letting the toads go.

Too cool for school

I can see this look on their first day of their senior year together.

Neighborhood brothers

Teaching Miles about the plants or getting into trouble

Boyd ran to at least 30 states to have his picture taken in front of them.

Climbing the Bluff in Bessemer MI

At the top

Fun with MiMi while Mom was in China

He is so in love with Luci

Fun with Uncle Gabe

A glimpse of the past few months
Checking himself out during the Bessemer 2 mile hometown run

Beautiful Michigan and Boyd

The Matt Ramsey cousins with Grandpa and MiMi

Playing at the beach with PaPa

At the start. A family affair. Papa, Aunt Jennifer and Angela

Last day of Kindergarten