Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mini Golf with a friend.

They made improvements to the physical fitness course.

Ninja Warrior course

I remember spending hours with these. Boyd made the watermelon one.

When you tell Boyd to get ready for bed...look mom I'm the guy who is kind of Jesus' dad (Joseph)

Adding onto the fun

We have recently been into the show Forge in Fire. We made our own build challenges this night without fire or metal but had lots of fun.

This was the challenge where each family character had to fit through a doorway and it had to be a certain height.

Finding a snake at the park was very exciting.

Counting all 63 eggs he found.

Boyd said the Easter bunny came early because he rolled over in the night and cracked open an egg in his bed. Good thing there are no bunny drops.

The Easter bunny brought Monopoly. Dad talked a good game but didn't finish and lets just say the next two photos can tell you who won...

My main squeeze enjoying a night with mom playing in the sandbox.

Exploring crows nest and bottle flipping while taking a break. Here we set out on a hike and he turned the one loop into a one mile trail run. We took a break to capture these shenanigans.

Kicking up a dust storm. There was so much sand in his shoes but he had an absolute blast.

Love him.

Pantyhose bowling at our neighborhood Easter egg hunt

The crew.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Building an Ancient City. Such nice mom and Boyd time. He was very strict on boundary lines and the molds I use for my section as opposed to his section.

We both went to bed telling each other that playing in the sandbox together was the best part of our day. 

Sometimes his work is just too funny. For the record I like that he took the evidence beyond the text. However, I would say that a similarity would be that they bark and are not trained. 

I enjoy reading what Boyd writes but the last line, "Then they clapped hands and said good game" melted my heart. Sportsmanship.

I stepped in and planned and carried out the school dance. Fortunately I was able to enjoy it a little bit with Boyd too.

I must have left Boyd at the dance but somehow Spot, the Target dog came home with me.

He has his own idea of fashion. I had my first true experience clothes shopping with Boyd this weekend. Of course he wanted me to buy everything a size too small but I caved since those are the clothes he chooses to wear anyway. He is so funny with the dab and teaching others to dab (right MiMi) that he had to have this shirt.

The shopping trip was fueled by the need for a pair of hot weather Pajamas for pajama day. He reported that everyone agreed that he had the best pajamas and there was one shark on his shorts everyone thought was a nice shark. Also, total side note, apparently a girl in Boyd's class said she liked Boyd so he had to report that to me today when I joined him for lunch. Always keep me un to date on who likes you and who you like Boyd since whenever anyone teases you about girls you tell them you already love someone, Your mom.