Thursday, March 26, 2015

Government Island

I can't remember if I wrote about Boyd's new interest in his hairstyles and the use of gel but here is his sporting his gelled comb over look- that's what he calls it.

Just a man on a mission

The other night we watched The Little Rascals on Netflix and Boyd loved the movie (must take after his Great Grandpa Ramsey) after bath the next day he said, "Let's make my hair look like Alfalfa and then post some pictures of it.

This weekend we explored a historical site just down the street called Government Island. I can't believe we hadn't been here before. It was heaven on earth to Boyd and I. It is a Stafford gem for sure. I can't wait to visit more and watch as it changes during Spring.

I wish this photo more accurately conveyed what Boyd was doing. He basically scaled down an eroded wall of nature.  

Part of the stone Quarry. 

Making everyone around (me and a grandpa with his three grand daughters) nervous.  Boyd has always been cautious but when it comes to exposure with drops he is careful but fearless (Uncle Kirk I think he would do fine on the "rooftop" up to Grays Peak- unlike his mother)

One of his main missions on this exploration was to find a snake. Maybe in a few weeks we'll check this spot again.

I see you Boyd.

On our way to the island.

Boyd has so much Colorado in him.  He did a lot of wading in the river.  The photos are from my phone since three minutes in my camera battery died- note to self charge the camera.
Boyd is such a nature kid. He still loves looking, listening and finding outdoor adventures. He is quite the leader and it was such wonderful quality time for us. The next day we threw our bikes in my car (another note- I need a bike rack) and went exploring some other trails in Stafford- paved, gravel, dirt- the more varied the better for Boyd.  He also knows quite a bit about animals.  Yesterday we went to the library and he asked the librarian if she could help him find a  non fiction book on eyelash vipers. We went to the snake section and he went on and on about snakes. Then he wanted to look up proboscis monkeys and a flying lizard whose name I can't even spell. He is obsessed with the Sonoran Dessert and Indonesian Rainforest right now and loves to share his knowledge. He even has a visual of the globe and where the animals live and how far apart they are and the oceans in between.   He just seems to be growing up faster and faster.  Always my snuggler though which I hope remains forever.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Log Cabin and Proud builders
We are always slacking on the blog these days. I can't believe it is almost the end of March. Today marks the first day of Spring but since the temps rose above freezing we've been outside as much as possible. We are back to eating dinner late since it stays light due to the time change but we are beginning to adjust. We have also been reading a lot since during the month of March Boyd's school is having a reading competition. He is doing well and usually places in the top three each week for number of minutes read. Boyd is such a socialite all I can report is that the kids on the neighborhood are now all out. One giant gang of kids with Boyd as a common ringleader. Our house sees lots of action and is usually the house the kids head to in search of the bikes or kids playing Marines. Boyd has really been into exploring the neighborhood too which is fun since I remember doing that as a kid with my family.  He has begun construction on a tree fort otherwise referred to as the Log Cabin- (thank you Stafford public schools for teaching history and for letting me listen to the kids interpret and share that information. The source of many chuckles for me). Adam plans to help reinforce the fort with some stronger materials.  Boyd also ran in his second Stafford County One mile fun run. I was out of town but Adam did a great job as runner support and proud dad. Boyd finished second out of 46 kids between the ages of 6 and 13.  They had his time as 7:26!  So enjoy a few pictures!

Day one of the build involved gathering the logs and sticks

Certain assignments make me smile. In Boyd's house there is a sled, ribbon, truck, bat, toy, glove, cot, and baseball

We had to trade in Boyd's bike from last year to a bigger size. He can really roll now and is one fast biker.

I can't remember if I mentioned how Boyd is into fashion these days and even wants to put gel in his hair some days. He is especially proud of his converse like his grandparents and aunts and uncles had.

Still my Boyd. Always keeping me on my toes. This was on one of our snow days after he had a blast with our senior twin boy neighbors. It was hard to say who had more fun. 

Ok I have been trying to get this video to load for a while now but it looks like I'll have to keep trying.

Monday, March 2, 2015

February and March 1&2 happenings Newest to oldest

Rocking out with homemade instruments on our 8 day of school off this segment of Winter.
Waiting his turn to wrestle. He was jogging in place to loosen up for at least 10 minutes

This face is too cute.

Melts my heart. I love you too Boyd!

Taped all his gear to himself today to be a spy ninja

This years Frosty.


Play clay pizza

Who is up for sledding?

Going down with friends.


"Mom, put this bow on my head so I look like a girl." 

Boyd's Valentine's Day mailbox. 

My good reader.

What, this picture must be old. No snow and warm enough to play ball and test out our new gear.

Old bath friends.

Open gym for baseball

Strike a pose not out in baseball.

Adventuring with friends.

Going through old clothes and saying goodbye.

Two teeth gone.

Hanging out at his wresting tournament.

I love reading the things Boyd comes up with and the spelling.  These two cracked me up because he wrote sentences using the pictures and not the actual sight words. "The chocolate bar is eaten"

The rain was falling.

The most amazing Valentine's Day Surprise Ever. He came off the bus like this. 

Boyd's new thing...sitting on the heating vents when he is cold. Rather than putting  pants on???

Some days I am speechless. " Mom, this is what you should do if you really want to shake your butt." Oh, ok Boyd I'll be sure to remember this. Haha