Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 was phenomenal. Boyd and I traveled to Atlant and then Wisconsin to join the rest of the Ramsey crew for a giant sleep over and celebration at Grandpa and MiMi's. It was wonderful. We even got to see part of our Colorado family. We had so much fun walking dogs, playing at the park, playing family games, going to the Milwaukee Bucks game (Grandpa Ramsey up in heaven must have been smiling down) and much much more. I really cannot put into words how wonderful and full this trip was. Much to be Thankful for.
End of Thanksgiving break shenanigans at Sentry with CeAnn and Kirk (how do we not have a photo of our snap chat friends?)

The Ramsey Thanksgiving 2016 Crew

Some schoolwork. Conferences pre Thanksgiving Break.

Growing up.

I don't think the Pilgrims had the luxury of a bow.

Readers Theater at school before their Thanksgiving Feast.

First stop on our way to Thanksgiving was Atlanta for me to race a 5k/

Fountains near the Olympic plaza in Atlanta. They had a fountain show to the Olympic music. It was pretty cool.

Anyone missing an ornament?

Outside the Coke factory. 

Post race Aquarium visit. Thanksgiving day was  the perfect day to visit-empty. So much space and time on the glass, it was fabulous. Looks like Boyd was in a submarine here.


The tanks were beautiful.

Boyd liked the sheeps head fish that is black and brown. 

Absolutely amazing...

Cousin and Aunts and Uncles fun begins.

Dabbing at the Bucks game. Mimi missed her chance when we were on the Jumbo-tron

Great cheerleaders.

A buck and apparently a unicorn


Silly action shots

Pancakes with Luci

Pancake emoji face

Reading and snuggles.

Love the awe in Miles as he looks at Boyd.

Peanut came out after most of the guests had departed.

Visiting "the real Santa". Boyd said he thought this one was the real Santa because his beard was real.

Have you been nice?  Boyd: I don't know...

Boyd didn't want to be the only kid to visit Santa. Miles didn't want to go (he is scared of Santa and all things costumed) but Boyd knew a way to get him to go. We were all ready and suddenly Miles wanted to come at the last minute. As we waited in the car Boyd fessed up and said, "I told Miles Santa gave out toys." We said Boyd, you know not until Christmas, why did you tell him that? His answer, " I knew it would make him come." Luckily he did have candy canes and was the nicest Santa.

Boyd and my dad are alike. They love trinkets and treasures. Boyd always comes home with unique items from Grandpa. The latest is a battery powered am radio. I found Boyd listening to a football game.

Boyd asked early in the trip to ride the tractor but so much was going on. It's a good thing we were able to stay an extra day for the tractor, playing in the basement, one on one and a trip to Brennans.


Making up for missing PE

He wanted pictures with all the dogs. He loved Hobbs even though he was allergic.

Ozzie wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera.

He has to hold Emmie's head to have her camera forward.

Goodbye hugs for Mimi. He gave such big hugs and proceeded to try and pick her up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Beautiful outing at Prince William Forest and Jen remembered her camera!

This series explain it all. Peighton and Boyd "This is second grade." Boyd is ...well Boyd,  and Peighton is sweet as can be, always happy, kind and full of great one liners, oh and somehow has the patience and tolerance for Boyd even though he often doesn't deserve it from her. We are so lucky to have Peighton and her amazing mom, Jen, in our lives and as backdoor friends and neighbors.

She is a beauty inside and out.
Looking big on the swing.
I love this picture for some reason, fall, trails, fitness and two great kids.
We teased Boyd about this one but he said AB was dad Adam.
You can take the boy out of Colorado but you can't take the Colorado out of the boy. This water was cold.

Risk taking

That look after his feat..haha