Monday, November 25, 2013

Ninja in his new room and big bed.

Boyd makes his own costumes too. Ninja (can't remember which one)

Much to be thankful for, like this turkey


Adam and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and for fun I joined in Boyd's dress up spirit. Boyd was so happy and said I look like a princess.

Our new play space across the street.

Boyd and I love all the port o pots in the neighborhood

Birthday party for baby Janie

Costumes galore. 5 changes per day.

Boyd's waited 2 1/2 years to put the game table up.

To the moon with Emmy

"I'm a book."

Special present with Mimi and Grandpa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Boyd being Perry the platypus and eating in his "cage". Adam and I were in bed talking the other night and we couldn't stop laughing over the fact that Boyd thinks putting on his super hero pj's makes him look like Perry the platypus.  Glad you think so B. 

Bat Boyd.

Putting out the fire.

Hmm. I left Boyd be for 3 minutes and this is what I walked into the kitchen  and saw.  He must have been looking for birthday suit cereal up there.

Happy Halloween. Thank you Alexa and Stephanie for hosting a wonderful Halloween dinner and group trick or treating,  Boyd and his friends hit the neighborhood and ran to each house with the Wooly mammoth trailing behind.   

The adorable crew!  Abigail(Batgirl), Noah(Minion), Chloe(Wooly Mammoth), and Boyd(firefighter)

Sleepy Hollow Preschool friends. Our three only children.  Each can hold their own.

Mommies! Alexa, myself, and Stephanie.  So blessed to have these two ladies as my Virginia besties.  Also, I think I need to start wearing a hat like this to appear taller.

Proud Mamma! We love these guys.