Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Boyd's summer of travel moves to Wisconsin

Filling his snuggle tank by cozying up with the dogs at Mimi and Grandpa's in Wisconsin.

Tractor riding at it's best.

a summer in pictures continued

Trail runner? Kirk you might have a partner soon.

Car artwork

Love this college bound girl too. She wasn't around as much as in the past but we enjoyed her company when she was and visiting her at the Market while she worked.

Tarzan after his shower.

Yoga on the paddle board. It was an amazing evening.

They got me out too.

He worked for hours.

Glad Boyd is keeping this rock in place despite Tyler's attempt to roll it off the mountain.

Boyd actually chose to run a lot in Colorado. Early in the trip he shocked us all by taking off after a bike riding Kylee from Meadow Park. WE all walked back home and never saw Boyd. He ran the whole way with Kylee 1 mile uphill. This was  a common occurrence. There were so many moments when he just wanted to run. One day he set a goal and said," Can I run?" Me sure, I'll watch you and then he muttered, "I'm going to catch them" and ran down Kylee and Chris who were walking back and had a 150 meter start. He loves there company and didn't want to miss out.

Stone Cup supporting Kylee's work.

Fruit ninja competition.

I love the many ways he crosses water.

Love the people.

Cairn village.

Boyd and Macie on the way to paddle board.

Boyd quickly got the hang of it and would sit and stand paddling.

Strawberry moon.

Homeward bound.

Picture jumble

Building cairns. Boyd's is the last one standing last I checked.

The river down the street was a frequent hang out spot for us daily.  I think everyone pictured would agree there is something glorious about the river.

Good Old Days a festival in Lyons allowed Boyd the opportunity to try this experience.

Prior to going in he told me he created a signal for when he wanted to come out (basically tight prayer hands). Can't believe I caught the moment on camera.

Initial excitement

Boyd loves fancy cars. He knows so much about them and shares this information often. When driving he has startled me numerous times due to his excitement seeing something special. One night on the trip the whole kitchen had been a buzz of conversation when Boyd patiently waited to interject something on his mind, "What's your favorite Nissan?" His question was answered with a pause and answers of colors, a free one, etc. He was not amused by our lack of knowledge. One one of the last days we all painted. Boyd started painting a car but quickly switched to sharpie. He drew detailed cars for hours from the front, back, side, and engine view. A budding art it on our hands.

Artists at work.

Good old days had a pretty big car show.

Reading with Mimi and Sir Quacksalot

Mini golf with Kylee and Tyler and the purple gorilla.

Kylee taking a rest and Boyd crossing back and forth along a river route.

We visited a garage sale where the owner collected Ducks. She had bins of Ducks and Boyd had his heart set on the biggest duck there. Meet Sir Quacksalot.

Painting rocks. A Colorado summer must.I know there is a current summer craze of painting and hiding rocks but Boyd has told me he has no interest in that.

Wonderwoman to celebrate Kirk's birthday. These seats are amazing.

Kylee and Tyler were constantly creating competitions and Boyd joined in the fun. This was rock and stick baseball. The goal was who could hit it the farthest. Boyd was sad when he set out to play it the next day and the stick was gone despite the fact he hid it.

Sillies in line for the hipline at the park.

The car show had a racing game set up. Boyd was on the leaderboard for a few minutes. 

Climbing with Mimi

Basketball camp during week 4 was Boyd's first organized experience with basketball. He learned a lot and was thrilled to receive a basketball card his last day.

Puzzlers. Every summer we do a huge puzzle. Little by little we worked on this one and then all at once we became obsessed and in the end everyone chipped in to finish.

Hiking with Boyd means watching him play lava  rocks along the route.

The falls.

Like a dog getting underfoot.

Boyd and Aunt Chris. He loves her so much. Always an adventure.

Rocky Mountain National park. Boyd fell asleep on the drive and suddenly from the backseat we her a loud, "Oh WOW!

I ice in the river almost daily so one day Boyd asked if he could jump in the watering hole. I said yes and he prepared for a swim. He took one step in and exclaimed, "How do you sit in that?" He decided to stick to his feet getting wet.

With camps and just outdoor fun, not to mention trying to keep up with the big kids there were many days I found Boyd zonked out.

Buttonrock is another one of our favorite places. Boyd even asks to go here when he is home in Virginia. We always take Macie with us so this was one of our earlier outings.

Boyd wanted it to look like he was jumping into the falls.

We love this girl too. Kylee you are always the sweetest.

Beauty in the rock formations.

First time paddle boarding for either of us. CeAnn was a brave captain taking Boyd while I watched from the beach.

Water balloon toss with Tyler and Chris.

Ninja warrior camp had him doing lots of tricks he would try later.

Finding fish in the how few rocks to cross stream.

In week 3 Boyd did a five day ninja warrior camp. Yup, just like the show, They worked so hard. His favorite was the warped wall and the neighborhood runs they would do. I liked when they had to throw fake rocks to try and cross and you never knew quite where the rocks would land. I have so many videos but they never send from my phone.

Tuesday afternoons were activity day at the Lyons library. A lego build, a lego robotics, and chemistry day were all fun events. We also went to the library multiple days a week for books. Boyd completed their Summer reading challenges.

Action from basketball camp.

The river was pretty high the whole while Boyd was here. One of the last days the tubing ban was lifted and Chris and Tyler were brave enough to tube. Boyd played lifeguard from the side and ran along to make sure they were safe.

Day one of cairn building.

Throwing sticks for Macie.