Wednesday, June 28, 2017

a summer in pictures continued

Trail runner? Kirk you might have a partner soon.

Car artwork

Love this college bound girl too. She wasn't around as much as in the past but we enjoyed her company when she was and visiting her at the Market while she worked.

Tarzan after his shower.

Yoga on the paddle board. It was an amazing evening.

They got me out too.

He worked for hours.

Glad Boyd is keeping this rock in place despite Tyler's attempt to roll it off the mountain.

Boyd actually chose to run a lot in Colorado. Early in the trip he shocked us all by taking off after a bike riding Kylee from Meadow Park. WE all walked back home and never saw Boyd. He ran the whole way with Kylee 1 mile uphill. This was  a common occurrence. There were so many moments when he just wanted to run. One day he set a goal and said," Can I run?" Me sure, I'll watch you and then he muttered, "I'm going to catch them" and ran down Kylee and Chris who were walking back and had a 150 meter start. He loves there company and didn't want to miss out.

Stone Cup supporting Kylee's work.

Fruit ninja competition.

I love the many ways he crosses water.

Love the people.

Cairn village.

Boyd and Macie on the way to paddle board.

Boyd quickly got the hang of it and would sit and stand paddling.

Strawberry moon.

Homeward bound.

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