Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breaking off icicles with Daddy.
Yum! The police and firefighters are having a picnic.
Close up. Everyone have a seat?
Our living room on a daily basis.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It is a known and accepted fact in our house and Boyd's school that Boyd loves his pajama's. Can you blame him?  He sometimes chooses a pair for his outfit for the day and his classmates oo and aahhh over them or say, "I have those" or "Is it pajama day?"  Well, Wednesday was finally a real pajama day for the whole school and Boyd thought it was a great day.  I stayed for a while to capture some photos, decked out in my pj's too (Boyd's request).Snuggling with his blanket/quilt.
Enjoying a story with Mrs. Fitzpatrick and some friends.
Flashlights were out and this one made a great stand in for the Pixar light so Boyd had to act out the opening scenes.
I guess a Police car can make a pillow when you are as wild and crazy about emergency vehicles as Boyd (Today at Starbucks as we were going out two Police were entering, Boyd was seriously starstruck and believe it or not speechless.)
Take my picture mom. 
So despite the fact that this picture makes it look like all his classmates are sick or coughing, they are actually pretending to be heading to bed yawning.
Sledding in our snow.  It took so long for us to get ready to go out for a few minutes that Boyd finally exclaimed, "This is going to take until Summer."
Making tracks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Harmonica man.
One, two, buckle my shoe
On a perch
Another stick to bring home for our collection.
Up he goes.
Getting snugly
A Christmas shipment from Papa and Chocolate Grandma.
Love him.
All about the fire house.  It is amazing.
Making the firefighter hit the treadmill.
Lego man on/in the toilet.
Having fun.
Winner at a made up letter bus game.
Pillow fight!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Put that one on the blog, it's crazy."Boyd and his lego city.
Big Belly! Well at least trying to make it look that way.                          
For some reason Boyd kept saying, "I look like the old man walking down the old street."
Rocking with his friends at school.
Working the desk in the pretend room at school.
"I was brushing the baby's boo boo. I'm a good doctor."
"That's me talking on the telephone and working."
Making the rounds.
New Years Eve.
Enjoying a special Root beer
Astronaut. Our tempurpedic bed is the perfect moon surface.