Monday, July 3, 2017

Onto the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Lake Superior. Boyd said it was so cold and windy. The lake would spray cold water on you if you stood too close.
Boyd is certainly the traveling man this summer. Last year he said he had a tough summer because we didn't go anywhere and no one visited us. This summer is the opposite. He is now in the UP having a blast with his Burla family. I'm keeping up via pictures and phone calls. Sure looks like fun.

Building Legos was reportedly a big hit at Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Pete's. Vehicles galore.

Domino rally at the High School. It took around 7 minutes to knock down because some of the corners were not set up correctly.

My big kid. The oldest of the Burla Great Grandkids.

The hometown run is a talked about event in our family surrounding all the week and a half long festivities around the 4th. Boyd participated two years ago and was eager to go back. It is a two mile race but I guess his Colorado "training stint" served him well too. Here he is warming up.

Literally the first person on the starting line. This picture made me chuckle. 

Yup he was that kid...front and center on the starting line. This year he wasn't intimidated by the 250 person field. In his defense he did place 21st overall so he wasn't really out of place on the front row.

And he's off. Boyd ran great placing first in his age group and running 14:55. He reported that he liked the route and roads because it was like off roading in parts because the roads were rough and that he nipped someone at the line. I am blessed to be able to share my running love with my boy.

Later that day cousins arrived. Boyd was finally able to meet his cousin Pippa. I think Adam looks good holding a baby girl. Boyd was smitten with her of course as he also shares my love of babies. His only complaint was that he was hoping she would spit up on dad-lol.

I received this photo from Adam with the message, "I rode these when I was Boyd's age."  I personally love when some things never change.

Playing at Bluff View park with Vince and Grandpa.

Paul Bunyan restaurant after sharing the win at mini golf with his dad.

Paul, Boyd, and Babe

He still loves his mini golf.

The festivities continued with a concert in the park.

Thank you FaceTime. Miss this guy like crazy. He shocked me with his Boyd coke. Uncle Paul found it and brought it to him. I never thought I would see a day where his name was on something.

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