Thursday, July 6, 2017

4th of July

The 4th in Michigan is quite the spectacle. Boyd started the day with kids races. He and another boy partnered to win the wheelbarrow race. He came in 2nd in the 50 yard dash and 8th in the potato sack race. What fun.

BBQ the night before. This is the only picture I have received with Ike in it. When I asked Boyd why he said because whenever Ike gets near him he screams because he thinks Boyd is a monster since Boyd created a monster boo run around game. Pippa on the other hand loves him because he taught her how to count to 20 on her hands and he always makes her laugh.

While Boyd partied the day away two Colorado runners ran, iced in the river, ate delicious picnic lunch and then this. The glamorous side of running.

In the evening there was the 4th of July PARADE!!!! These two peas in a pod seemed to enjoy themselves judging by the pictures.

The loot. Boyd was overjoyed by all the candy he collected and he said Vince was too but that Vince tried to eat it all at once and ended up spitting it out.

Apparently Vince worked very hard to copy Boyd's every move. This picture was taken before the previous one. Adam said it took Vince a while to figure out the right hand placement but he eventually got it. So cute.

July 5th at Jim Pecks digging for dinosaur bones.

Boyd found a leg.

Kids in a candy store.

Boyd the cousin babysitter. He told me he just loves her.

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