Thursday, July 19, 2018

Te last few weeks...Boyd helped me prepare for a surprise 80's themed birthday party for one of my most treasured friends. 

Boyd is the ghost. Where are the Ghostbusters when you need them?

Wild hair, don't care.

We made a great purchase in Skyzone's annual pass. It paid for itself in two visits and we can go an hour a day for the whole year. We go all the time now. Boyd loves the hour of dodgeball play and is quite the player and character.

This week we ordered a lobster float for the pool. So much fun. Takes me back to my childhood.

We are fortunate that Stafford hosts two weeks of Summer Discovery Focus camps. Boyd always loves them. This weeks class was animal habitats. He was able to work with an art teacher from another school to create a habitat, sculpt an awesome alligator, paint it, and paint another puffer fish. I am beyond thrilled that he has some of my love for art. He is better than me already at painting and realistic sculpture. 

A class offered to the older students was cardboard arcade. Boyd had so much fun playing and attending their Arcade.

Final products. I need to mention that I am always a proud mamma when the teachers gush about how wonderful of a kid Boyd is; so much so that teachers from other years talk about him too. Thankful for a great kid that helps his peers rise up too. 

Just floating. Boyd made the comment the other day that this has been a really great summer so far. I couldn't agree more. 

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